Soracom: Democratising the IoT
Soracom was founded in Japan in 2015 by three experts in telecommunications and cloud technologies and started service in Japan on 30 September 2015. One year after launch, they had over 4000 clients. Today with 5000 clients, we asked Parag Mittal, Soracom's Chief Commercial Officer to share with us his thoughts on IoT and Soracom.
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The 7th edition of Living bits and things 2017
We've been hearing about Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT), Industry 4.0 (I4.0), smart factories, smart cities, smart healthcare and well being, smart logistics and supply chain, smart transportation and mobility, smart energy for recent years.
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BIFOCAlps & Industry 4.0: An ecosystem for the digital transformation of SMEs
The interregional ''BIFOCAlps'' project (Boosting Innovation in Factory Of the future value Chain in the Alps), has a vision to create an innovation ecosystem, which develops the best technologies for digital and sustainable manufacturing among Italian, Slovenian, Austrian, French and German partners.
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Digitized products and services: 110 bn € more revenue for EU industry
Process and resources optimizations with cost reduction are the major goals companies expect to achieve due to the implementation of the Industry 4.0. Much more lucrative is the other side of the Industry 4.0 coin, which brings additional revenue due to new services, digitized products, new business models and cross industry integrated value chains.
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