10th Living Bits and Things 2020

"If you don't understand the details of your business you are going to fail.""

Jeff Bezos,
CEO, Amazon,

We are taking the 10th edition of the Internet of Things event "Living bits and things 2020" online. This year, the virtual edition of the leading digital transformation event in the central and east Europe (CEE) region will expand the event's reach, and be accessible to industry professionals worldwide though our online event platform. Attendees will be able to watch and participate in live streamed sessions, interactive workshops and round table discussions by industry leaders across Europe. Our virtual event offers the unique opportunity of recommending fellow attendees with similar interests, and facilitating private virtual meetings on the event platform.

The 2 day virtual event will focus on presenting current insights and understanding of the IoT – internet of things, AI – artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital transformation technologies. It brings up hot topics and future trends discussed during the event and challenging the professionals and experts from digital and traditional industries.

Due to fast technology progress it is important to be able to keep up the pace not only with the IoT and technology in general, but also to be able to efficiently manage business, customers, resources and risks. These are the challenges Living bits and things 2020 will address!

Digital product:
Learn fast, make better decisions and efficiently innovate

With the Internet of Things and digital transformation organizations only get the enabling elements to implement their business strategy and go beyond the traditional production and cost optimization.

  • it's critical to be able to digitally manage your data to develop new business models and become part of new value chains,
  • the next challenge is to develop and introduce the customized products and services with lower cost right on time,
  • it's important to stay in touch with your customers and products throughout the life cycle.
The answer to these challenges is not final and doesn't sound like a perfect plan. The answer is a process which directs companies to go open, to join business clusters and proactively participate or even drive the ecosystem.

Hot topics @ the event in 2020

Learn why first movers and tech leaders in different industries have already adopted the IoT, AI and blockchain. Hear why the digital transformation has become part of their regular processes and what are the impacts and ROI, how they manage the risks, data security and what are the innovative product and solutions they offer based on digital technologies.

Last year the combined events the 9th IoT event Living bits and things 2019 and 32st Bled eConference were attended by over 250 participants from over 30 countries from all around the world. Living bits and things delivers major contribution and value through:

Living Bits
and Things
Event Brief

  • Online platform for convenient access to fellow attendees for social and business networking from the comfort of your own work environment;
  • Greater number of international attendees expected due to ease and cost efficiency of attending the event on an online platform;
  • Dynamic, open and focused workshops and interactive sessions;
  • Connecting new business models and monetization with the value delivered to businesses, society, and environment;
  • Critical insights in the Central and South East Europe region challenges which can be effectively addressed by the IoT.

You can view the most interesting highlights and feel the atmosphere of the past events here.

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