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The leading IoT event in the CEE region since 2011

Event started in 2011 in Ljubljana and was held for one day only. It attracted attendees mostly from academia and those related to the EU IoT projects. It was organized in cooperation with Rob van Kranenburg, the IoT guru and took the advantage of the national IoT project Competence centre OpComm.

Not an expo, not a conference, but Living bits and things





Challenging tech and business to deliver value

IoT has grown into a global trend influencing our daily lives. Connecting devices is important, but connecting people, business and society is more important as we've been on the mission to take care about the implementaion.

The technology development goes deeper and wider each year and Living bist and things keeps up the pace and discover new opportunities. The event provides a fast learning environment for the IoT stakeholders. Not only developers, but more business people are recognizing the value of Living bits and things.

Each year Living bits and things hosts major IoT players who share not only knowledge but mostly the good and the bad of the IoT.

Create and implement your personal IoT and digital agenda

and Profile

Living bits and things is known to be the place and spot in the region which:

- Efficently connect speakers and attendees;
- Create new partnerships and disturb existing value chains;
- Develop nem common projects;
- Address hot topics with ideas for implementaion;
- Connects the regional CEE partners with broader EU and internationally;
- Connect SMEs to large enterprises and applied research;
- Discover the talents.

Eurocon, The event organizer

The Living bits and things event is organized by Eurocon, d.o.o., a technology and innovation project management private company. Eurocon was established in 1996 and is a consulting company that specializes in providing assistance to companies, institutions, and non-governmental organizations whose aim is to join research projects, establish an innovative environment, or/and obtain international or local funding. Eurocon has a wide range of experience and know-how in information and communication technologies, digital transformation and innovation and human resource management.

Living bits and things has been delivered since 2011 thanks to our trusted partners

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