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The 10th IoT event - Living bits and things 2020

For the 10th consecutive year Living bits and things event is going to gather and network the professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world to share the ideas, knowledge and experiences and learn about the trends, technology developments, business opportunities and social influences of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelliegence, Blockchain and digital transformation technologies and digitalisation in companies.

However we look for the best speakers to motivate the community through amazing content delivered in an engaging, interactive way. Our speakers share our passion for educating and networking with their expertise, insight and knowledge. Speakers would also be keen to promote their session through their social channels.

Please keep in mind the following four simple rules

If you would like to nominate yourself or a potential speaker and presenter for consideration, please complete the form below.

All submissions must be completed and sent to by 11th January 2020.

For further event information and for a better understanding of content streams visit our website Living bits and things 2020 or contact us.

*1. Please give us the details of the speaker you wish to submit

2. Please include a brief speaker biography below, stating topic credentials and previous speaking engagements below


* Max 80 - 100 words.

*3. The event will feature five major topics. Please indicate which major topic will you cover. (Tick more than one if needed)

4. For this event, we're looking for submissions for three different types of presentation, please indicate which type of session your submission is most relevant for:

*5. Title of your Presentation (no more than 20 words), make it interesting!


* Max 10 words.

*6. Abstract of your Presentation (no more than 100 words).


* Max 100 words.

*7. Please point out up-to three points what benefits delegates will derive from your presentation, in terms of information they can actively use to aid their own organisation/role:


* At least three points.

8. Please indicate which type of audience your presentation will be suitable for:

9. There is no charge for submitting papers or speaking at the event however, should you wish to discuss sponsorship opportunities in order to take advantage of higher visibility and additional promotion at the event, please tick the box below.
*Please note, sponsoring speakers will be given priority on available slots.

10. I would be interested in hearing more about other events & training opportunities with the Living bits and things community and register for the Newsletter

Thank you for your submission, we look forward to reviewing. Please read the information below carefully.

  • Please note that we reserve the right to amend submission copy for promotional purposes.
  • The information you provide here may be included on our promotional material and event website.
  • We cannot guarantee that any submissions received after the submission deadline will undergo the selection process to be accepted onto the event programme.
  • For more than one proposal please copy and complete separate forms.
  • We will be reviewing all submissions end of January 2020, and will inform you of the status of your submission latest by mid of February 2020.
  • With sending this submission you confirm you are conscent with the *terms and conditions, accept them and agree explicitelly with the GDPR requirements as follows:

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