"Action and adaptability create opportunity.” Garrison Wynn

For our attendees' and speakers' health and safety, we have decided to host the Living Bits and Things 2020 event online.

However, we have taken this change to a digital platform as an opportunity to provide our attendees optimised tools for participation, interaction and networking from the comfort of one's own work space.

Attendees can expect direct communication with panel leaders, speakers and fellow attendees through our online event platform. Our sessions will be interactive, live and engaging for online viewers. In addition, premium attendees will be able to access and download content from the live event and informative material created by our speakers and partners after the event period has ended.

Facilitating professional networking on our online platform in a realistic and efficient way is our focus, and will not be compromised during the event. Attendees will be able to view profiles of fellow viewers who have similar registered interests and take virtual 'coffee breaks' via the private online chat feature.

Hosting our event online enables us to have a larger audience of attendees internationally. A significant advantage of this new shift is the opportunity for companies to expand their connections worldwide and gain global insights on digital transformation.

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