Call For Speakers is now open!
For the 9th consecutive year Living bits and things event is going to gather and network professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world in the beautiful surroundings of lake Bled in Bled, Slovenia. We are going to share ideas, knowledge 
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Top Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Startups in Healthcare

The impact of blockchain is no longer a matter of imagination and science fiction. Tech behemoths such as IBM have spent significant resources towards conducting comprehensive studies...

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VIDEO: Highlights from past event
A short video from this year's Living Bits and Things event. We had a great time, we'll see you again next year!
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Photo Gallery from past Living Bits and Things event
We have successfully concluded another Living bits and things IoT conference in Bled so we would like to thank all the attendees, sponsors and partners with helping us make 8th Living Bits and Things unforgettable and useful event.
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NGI in the EU - That's what it's all about

As per the report of Business insider Intelligence the companies worldwide are planning to invest up to 15 trillion USD into IoT by 2025. How will Europe tackle the challenge of this worldwide competition? The answer is NGI Initiative, aiming to make internet the backbone of reinstating Europe as a prominent global leader in economy, enabling of human potential and improving European way of life. To understand why EU is so willing to invest its money in NGI initiative projects we first have to understand what NGI initiative really is.

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