NGI in the EU - That's what it's all about

As per the report of Business insider Intelligence the companies worldwide are planning to invest up to 15 trillion USD into IoT by 2025. How will Europe tackle the challenge of this worldwide competition? The answer is NGI Initiative, aiming to make internet the backbone of reinstating Europe as a prominent global leader in economy, enabling of human potential and improving European way of life. To understand why EU is so willing to invest its money in NGI initiative projects we first have to understand what NGI initiative really is.

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Three things why you shouldn't consider using blockchain for industrial applications
When companies are considering to digitize their business one of the top three topics is blockchain. It is considered as a world-changing technology. In some cases, it has great impact and is utterly changing the business and our lives. On the other hand, it doesn't work as a magic cure to all the modern diseases in the digital world.
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8th Living Bits and Things - COMING SOON!
"If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!” 
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GALLERY - Living bits and things 2017
We are very pleased to announce that the Living Bits and Things event has been a great success and that we will see you again next time!
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Soracom: Democratising the IoT
Soracom was founded in Japan in 2015 by three experts in telecommunications and cloud technologies and started service in Japan on 30 September 2015. One year after launch, they had over 4000 clients. Today with 5000 clients, we asked Parag Mittal, Soracom's Chief Commercial Officer to share with us his thoughts on IoT and Soracom.
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