Soracom: Democratising the IoT

Parag Mittal, Soracom's Chief Commercial Officer shares with us his thoughts on three questions related to IoT and Soracom.

Which specific gap did Soracom aim to exploit?

We noticed that a lot of companies wishing to deploy IoT solutions were not able to get the services they wanted. In terms of the connectivity component, in many instances devices were deployed with public IP addresses and data was carried over the public Internet. This is still the case for most installations today. We recognised that this was a major problem, especially with respect to security. This was the genesis of the idea to build an IoT-focused core network. Then, instead of focusing on selling connectivity in the traditional way, we decided to bring the core network to the cloud since all enterprises were already in the cloud.

Can you elaborate on how you plan to engage with the developer community?

Our aim is to build a single developer community across Europe. Of course, we can’t do this by ourselves. We are looking to engage with passionate developers and customers to build this ecosystem. In Japan, we already have thousands of people in our user group. This is of great benefit to us, but also to our developers and end users.

Our key message to developers is that they don’t need to struggle anymore because Soracom is here and we have the offering that they’ve been looking for to enable them to deliver their solutions and services on time.

How do you see the IoT market developing over the next several years?

Sticking to our competence area, connectivity solutions, among the changes I see happening are innovations in technology and business models that will lower deployment costs and allow deployments to scale more rapidly. Currently the industry faces many problems relating to commercialisation of hardware. Prices of devices have not fallen to the extent that they could have. Part of the reason relates to patents and royalties and this results in significant costs before services are fully deployed.

For the complete interview prepared by Abraham Joseph visit the IoTInsights page.

About Soracom
Soracom was founded in Japan in 2015 by three experts in telecommunications and cloud technologies, our CEO, Ken Tamagawa, our CTO Kenta Yasukawa and our COO Daichi Funato. We launched our service in Japan on 30 September 2015. From the onset, our objective was to develop a communications network that was optimised for IoT, with the performance and scalability to serve all customer groups. One year after launch, we had over 4000 clients. Today we have over 5000 clients.

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