Call for Speakers – terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to call for speakers for the Living bits and things 2020 event. Event will be held during 18th to 20th March 2020 in Portorož, Slovenia.

By submitting an abstract, you agree to the following:

  • Abstracts are submitted by filling the online form found here. Other forms of submission e.g. by post, email or fax will NOT be accepted;

  • There are no limits to a number of abstracts submitted by one author or organization;

  • Abstracts MUST include all the information requested in the online submission form;

  • The abstract should be as informative as possible;

  • We will NOT accept the commercial abstracts and/or presentations;

  • The author is responsible for the accuracy of the abstract;

  • The acceptance of an abstract does not imply provision of travel, accommodation or registration for the event, nor any other costs associated with preparation or presentation of the abstract, or any costs associated with attendance at the congress;

  • By submitting an abstract/s, you together with any co authors give permission for the abstract to be published in printed materials, website, app and social media formats;

  • Your contact details may also be forwarded to publications interested in your work with your additional approval;

  • You confirm that the submission has been approved by all authors;

  • The author(s) agree(s) to materially confine their presentations to information in the abstract if accepted for presentation; if an author has more than one abstract accepted, each presentation will be materially confined to the information in the abstract selected for the specific session.

  • Presenting authors of accepted abstracts must be registered by 20 May 2018 to ensure inclusion of the abstract in the event materials and in order to be scheduled for presentation.

  • There is a limit of average 15' (not more than 20') time available to present the presentation;

  • Authors will be notified regarding abstract acceptance. Abstracts will be reviewed by two peers.

  • At least one author must be available to present the abstract if selected for the programme. The authors will immediately notify the Living bits and things 2018 organizer, if they are unable to present an abstract or if the presenting author is changed.

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