The 7th edition of Living bits and things 2017

We've been hearing about Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT), Industry 4.0 (I4.0), smart factories, smart cities, smart healthcare and well being, smart logistics and supply chain, smart transportation and mobility, smart energy for recent years.

We have learned these technologies will deliver huge economic and financial benefits and will have immense economic and social impact, but …

… there's a lack of best business practices and clear ROI.

We have been working on the 7th edition of the IoT event »Living bits and things 2017« together with the companies and organizations which are deeply engaged with the Internet of Things. Together we've been learning the steep curve of technology development, market traction and new business models, as early failures were the main teacher.

What to expect in 2017?

Knowledge and experiences of the companies and organizations, start-ups, entrepreneurs, experts and enthusiasts will be shared and discussed during the two days, June 19 and June 20 in Bled. There will be no hidden agendas and general ideas. Speakers expect to face the demanding audience, ready to activelly participate in the sessions, workshops and roundtables.

If you would like to share your experiences and verify your technology or business ideas you still have opportunity to send us your proposal Call for speakers or simply ask a question.

What's in it for you?

It is a challenge to have an overview, clear understanding and sharp perception of values these digital opportunities bring. With help of experts, speakers and participants who make the IoT community alive you will learn the way to find answers to your questions and create your own succesful story together with them.

Share your expertise and learn from other industries

Join us and attend the workshops, sessions and round tables to discover the opportunities and challenges of IoT and digital economy and society.

Find answers to your questions and verify your most crazy ideas that could lead to disruptive business models.

Your future depends on data. Period!

Emerging opportinities and challenges brought by the new data economy. As devices arround us become more intelligent, and not delivering only immense amount of data, the potential of using and abusing data is huge and present each single minute. We will discuss different aspects of data, from data management and data security, EU GDPR to data, monetization and smart society. In terms of technologies the hot topic is blockchain

Smart cities: Citizens first, value next?

Smart cities and take over the development of the society and become major players in regions and in countries. There is no one single best solution how to become a smart city and how to empower the smart community. It is important to understand and learn about the challenges in the cities in order to use the technologies for the best outcome. We will focus discussions mostly to active living, well being, healthcare and mobility.

Get Industry 4.0 or die trying!

Presenting and discussing the major challenges manufacturing industries and SMEs face today. Be ready and prepared for your I4.0 journey. Why and how and how to jump on Industry 4.0 train, what outcome to expect and where to start. The scope goes beyond the infrastructure and tech as we will address common business challenges from process and cost optimization to new value generation, business models and supply chains.

Not if, but what business ecosystem.

Either you call it business cluster, network or alliance, the platform based ecosystem helps you and your orgabization to develop faster, with less risk and with higher efficiency. Removing the frictions on your way sounds great, but how to achieve it? The I4.0 and smart factories ecosystems are built and we will hear and discuss the goods and the bads with speakers from Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain and Slovenia.

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