Day 1

19th June 2017
Hotel Golf - Hall of Jupiter
Time Session
08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:30
Digital transformation, IoT and digital economy
Combined Session 7th Living bits and things 2017 & 30th Bled eConference
Welcome speech and keynotes from industry and academia to jointly address the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation.

10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 - 12:30
IoT and digital data - challenging the way we communicate
Today we use different devices and interfaces to communicate, which is technically speaking just a simple data interchange. With the Internet of things (IoT), sensors and automatically operated connected devices we are facing new challenges in communication between people and especially between people and machines. 
As users either in private life or in business and industry we are using many different types of interfaces and communication modes. From web Analytics/Dashboards to Apps and most recent chatbots, voice and gesture controls. 
Is this what we as users want or we can look forward to experiencing a next "IoT interface", which will take advantage of the artifical intelligence, mobile technology and other new developments? 

Matevž Pogačnik, Multimedia Lab, Faculty for Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
Franc Dolenc, CEO, Media Interactive, Slovenia
Alexander Habinski, CSP & CSV business development director, IBM CEE, Austria
Jure Lampe, CEO, Senlab (an UnifiedInBox partner), Slovenia 

Toby Ruckert, CEO, UnifedInBox, Singapore
Tomaž Vidonja, CEO, Living bits and things event
12:30 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:30
Challenging the IoT & Data Paradox: From open data to blockchain
Session/workshop will be dedicated to emerging opportinities and challenges brought by the new data economy. As devices arround us become more intelligent and they deliver immense amount of data every single moment, the potential of using and abusing data is huge and present high threat and also a high potential for organizations and society. What are the implications of EU GDPR - General Data Protection regulation, which needs to be implemented by the companies and organizations until May 25, 2018? What are the tools to handle data and technolgies to manage data security? How to monetize data? Do we forget about ethics when we collect, share, use data either privately, in smart society or in business?

The GDPR - implement or die: What you need to do by May 25, 2018?
Andrej Tomšič, Deputy Information Commissioner, Information Commissioner of Slovenia

Blockchain - beyond bitcoin: From theory to practice in Industry and Smart society
Dejan Podgoršek, IBM Innovation Centre, Slovenia

Swether: Electric Switch with Ethereum Blockchain Support, a case of Blockchain Enabled IoT device
Matevž Pustišek, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ethics in Internet of Things: Where, Who and How?
Irina Shklovski, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

15:30 - 16:00
Coffee break
16:00 - 17:30
IoT in Smart cities and communities: Tech for Social Value
Smart cities and communities also known worldwide as smart habitats take over the development of the society and they become major players in regions and in countries. There is no one single best solution how to become a smart city and how to empower the smart community. It is important to understand and learn about the challenges in the cities, towns, villages and communities in order to use the technologies for the best outcome. The workshop will focus to active living, well being, smart healthcare and mobility with practical demonstration and real working cases.

Connected devices, connected partners: Delivering value in smart cities - cases to go
Boris Presekar, Bosch

Remote health: ICT challenges of remote patient monitoring with a demo
Marko Jankovič, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana

E-lungs - smart public transportation: Where are my batteries? 
Janko Pavlović, Digital Worx, Serbia

Green ICT / Smart Ambient /Active Habitat: Project opportunities and challenges in 100 Smart Cities India program
Sanmit Ahuja, ETI Dynamics, Great Britain/India

e-Care Service: A Telco perspective of Smart community services
Peter Pustatčink, Head of e-Healtha and e-Care, Telekom Slovenije

19:00 - 22:00
Evening social and entertaining networking
Each year a special thematic evening networking event is organized, which is an excellent opportunity to meet each other, disuss new opportunities for cooperation and simply enjoy the moment. Experience a deliciuos local cousine, excellent Slovenian wines and our hospitality in a magic nature of Bled.

Day 2

20th June 2017
Hotel Golf - Hall of Jupiter
Time Session
08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:30
How companies plan, implement and take advantage of Industry4.0?
An interactive workshop session on learning from pragmatic leaders in Industry 4.0 and Smart factories. With special focus on:

• From idea to implementation;
• Going alone or in cooperation with partners;
• Outcome and benefits;
• What to do and what to avoid?
• What SMEs can learn from large enterprises and vice-versa?

Industry 4.0 in practice: Supplier in automotive industry moves toward smart factory
Tomaž Savšek, TPV, Slovenia

The value of data: Industrial Internet of Things and cognitive computing beyond optimizing cost
Dejan Podgoršek, Manager for Business Development & ISV, IBM Innovation Center, Ljubljana

Start quickly, scale fast and think big
Sandra Roosna, Soracom, Japan

Logistics and supply chain in the heart of the Industry 4.0: Taking advantage of IoT
Igor Potočnik, Infotrans, Slovenia

10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 - 12:30
Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT: From factory floor to value chain
This session brings first hand best practices and case studies about the major challenges manufacturing industries and SMEs face today. These consist of the basic interests why to plan and how jump on Industry 4.0 train, what outcome to expect and where to start. The scope starts with the infrastructure and goes beyond technolgies to open and discuss major challenges related to implementation of digital industry and business. Most important value of this session is to bring together knowledge and people who have experiences, methods and tools for I4.0 implementation, especially for SMEs and those who are either entering or improving their digital journey in I4.0 and Industrial IoT.

Connecting machines and devices in a reliable way: What you need on your factory floor?
Uroš Merljak, Schneider Electric, Slovenia

Fail fast and fail often: Pilot your early connected ideas to become I4.0 ready
Jure Lampe, Senlab, Slovenia

IoT and digital transformation with No-Coding
Jernej Adamič, Zenodys, The Netherlands

From digital twins to spimes: From product to intelligent services in any industry
Pasi Hurri, BaseN, Finland

Securely connecting smart products: Best practice from automotive industry
Christian Kittl, Evolaris GmbH, Austria
12:30 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:30
I4.0 Innovation Ecosystem Forum Europe
Roundtable will offer an excellent opportunity to learn about the Industry 4.0, Factories of Future and Smart factories experiences in Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and Slovenia. Together with experts from Spain, Croatia and Poland discussion will focus on most challenging topics industry faces as they implement advanced technologies and digitize business processes in order to implement I4.0.


Marjana Majerič, Technology park Ljubljana, Slovenia
Marko Močnik, Technology park Pomurje, Slovenia
Tanja Kožuh, Technology park Primorje, Slovenia
Johannes Brunner, IDM Tirol, Italy
Giacomo Copani, ITIA CNR, Italy
Christine Neuy, Microtec Sudwest, Germany
Arnaud Buquillon, VIA MECA, France


Peter Wostner, Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Slovenia
15:30 - 16:00
Coffee break
16:00 - 17:30
Industry 4.0 by SME: Dynamic, pragmatic and operational
This session will show successful cases presented by the SMEs which have implemented the I4.0 and what was their journey. It will focus on particular challenges and will answer specific questions about the I4.0 planning, financing, implementation and next steps by the SMEs. As there is no one single and general approach and solution to the I4.0 implementation the value of this session and discussion will come out of the first hand experiences shared by the companies. The cases are segmented according to the strategic and business expected outcome as a major reason why companies decided to go the I4.0 way.

Participants / Speakers

Christine Neuy, Microtec SudWest, Germany
Viktoria Ilger, Evolaris, Austria
Marzia Morgantini, AFIL, Italy
Aleš Hančič, TECOS, Slovenia
Maudez Ledantec, Plastipolis, France


Jernej Pintar, Technology park Ljubljana, Slovenia

20:00 - 22:00
Evening social networking event
Experience a deliciuos local cousine, excellent Slovenian wines and our hospitality in a magic nature of Bled.
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