Rob van Kranenburg
IoT evangelist - Top 10 IoT Thinker in the world
Rob van Kranenburg (1964) is involved in innovation and negociability strategies of Internet of Things. He has worked at the University of Ghent with Professor Ronald Soetaert, the University of Amsterdam with Professor Elsaesser, de Balie with Andrée van Es, Doors of Perception with John Thackara, and has taught various courses at graduate and postgraduate level and Art and Design Academies. He founded Council, a thinktank for the Internet of Things, to bring this latter perspective into the heart of the debates.He is a co-founder of bricolabs (bricolabs.net) and wrote The Internet of Things, a critique of ambient technology and the all seeing network of RFID, Network Notebooks, Instititute for Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2008, andTowards Designerly Agency in a Ubicomp World, In: Tales of the Disappearing Computer, Kameas A., Streitz, N. (eds), CTI Press, 2003, pp. 119-127. http://www.theinternetofthings.eu
Miroslav Iwachow
CEE Industrial Sector Technical Leader - IBM
Industry Sector Technical Leader driving strategy for IBM and clients in CEE with leading Industry Solutions and Client Business transformation. Thought leader and Executive Architect. Architect for Watson IoT and Industry 4.0 leading transformations in the Automotive, Oil & Gas, Industry in CEE. Developing new IoT Health & Safety solutions in cooperation with IBM Research to build new innovative IoT solutions. Coordinating architects and sales teams to define Solution Architectures driving automation, cognitive and IoT workloads in the region
Marjana Majerič
Deputy General Manager, Technology Park Ljubljana
Marjana Majerič, M.Sc., is a business strategy, business planning and financial management specialist. She shares her over 17 years of extensive business experience as a mentor and advisor in Technology Park Ljubljana SME community. She served as a Manager of Investment in Venture Capital Fund Horizonte Venture Management; as Deputy Director of the first Slovene private incubator; she was Director of loan department for SME's in Volksbank-Sberbank. She is honorary member of program council of Ljubljana University Incubator and former member of editorial committee for monthly magazine SLEVCA (Slovene Venture Capital Association), member of different committees for evaluation and approval of projects/companies in financing, rewording, etc. She has been awarded with U.S. government honorary award "Woman and Entrepreneurship".
Uroš Merljak
Channel Sales Manager, Schneider Electric Slovenia
Uroš finished studies of Telecommunication at University in Ljubljana. He started to work as a Programmer and Head of technical support department at Vabaco varovanje d.o.o. in 1994 and continued in 1997 has a sales engineer for Video and Multimedia systems in TSE d.o.o. He was a project leader, commercial manager and responsible for deployment of Quality system according to ISO9001. In 2012 he joined Schneider Electric as a sales engineer, continued as Retail division Manager, Partner business Team Leader and Partner business Manager. His current job incorporates almost all Schneider Electric portfolio, especially Low voltage equipment and Industry equipment. His vision is to position Schneider Electric as an innovative market leader in areas of Energy Efficiency, Mobility and IoT together with the whole Schneider Electric Slovenia team.
Dejan Podgoršek
Manager for Business Development & ISVs, SEE, IBM Slovenia
Dejan Podgoršek joined IBM in 1991 as AIX system engineer, then he took over HW sales and in year 2000 become IBM HW sales manager. In 2010 Dejan took international position and was leading the team in CEE for Growth Initiatives. 2013 joined IBM Developer Relations team and now he is leading the Business Development & ISVs in the SEE region. Part of the role is also leading IBM Innovation Center Ljubljana where the team can help you build, market and sell your solutions. You can use IBM Innovation Centers to port and test solutions, engage with IBM Watson IOT and other IBM cognitive solutions, Analytics, Cloud, .... close deals with your clients, collaborate with IBM, Business Partners, academic leaders, IT professionals and Outthink you Business.
Jure Lampe
CEO - SenLab
Jure Lampe is a serial entrepreneur. He is responsible for the development of many new business opportunities in six companies he has owned and managed since 1992. He has been involved in different projects as a developer, a researcher, a team leader and an advisor. His team holds some prominent awards, including “Bluetooth.org application of the month”, “Bluetooth.org CES finalist”, “Wearable Technology Show Winner” in SmartHome, “Finalist” in IoT category and two “AAL forum awards”. SenLab participates in several EU research projects with IoTool and IoChat solutions.
Jernej Adamič
Zenodys B.V. - Founder & CEO
Jernej Adamič is a founder and CEO of a startup company Zenodys, started in 2014 and he's engaged as a Business Strategist. He's an early adopter and IoT evangelist. Zenodys provides an Internet of Things Visual Platform for Industry 4.0. Jernej has been in product and business development for 15 years and has been running digital agency for the last 6 years. Between 2007 and 2015 he has been working as a general manager at Adnet d.o.o. and between 2012 and 2015 as a marketing advisor at Kabi d.o.o. In 1997 he earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Ljubljana and in 2006 an MBA form University of Kansas.
Toby Ruckert
CEO - Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd.
Perpetual inventor, classical pianist, and serial entrepreneur Toby Ruckert is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Unified Inbox. With Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd., an intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging platform company, Toby built an extensive network of global telecoms, ISPs and manufacturers for IoT, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Passionate about startups, new business models and the future of communications, Toby is a popular speaker at global technology conferences on the topics of IoT, AI and other transformational technologies, as well as entrepreneurship, business philosophy and creating a culture of innovation.
Sanmit Ahuja
Chief Executive - ETI Dynamics Ltd, UK
Sanmit is the Founder and CEO of ETI Dynamics. He has over 20 years experience in a range of sectors including Technology, Media, Finance and Infrastructure. He is a major champion of sustainability and and is personally spearheading a number of technology commercialisation ventures. His core skills are infrastructure finance, technology commercialisation and developing high impact initiatives. Prior to founding ETI Dynamics, he was the head of investments for Commonwealth, a multilateral of 53 Commonwealth countries. He set up a number of venture and development finance vehicles for the organsiation. He is also a Board Member of Centre for Ganga River Basin Management & Studies (CGanga), a think-tank formally set up by Ministry of Water Resources (India) to aid the Government in implementation of the Ganga River Basin Management Plan. Sanmit is also the Vice Chairman of Oval Observer Foundation, a strategic engagement and an action platform for economic, social and political issues related to emerging markets and high growth nations. Sanmit holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering from University of Pune, India and an MBA from London Business School.
Janko Pavlović
CEO - Digital worx Serbia
Janko Pavlovic is an inventor, entrepreneur and young leader. Janko's background is Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade. During the studies he invented a smart stove which saves around 50% of energy during the boiling process and completely new type of hybrid vehicle, an electrical hybrid without any batteries. Right now he is enrolled in entrepreneurship as a Co-founder and CEO of start up digital worx. DW is a software development company oriented toward Industrial IoT and “industry 4.0” concepts. In terms of social activities, Janko is an initiatior of a NGO, The Things Network Belgrade community, aiming to transform conventional cities to the smart ones. Next to it, he is a member of Rotaract club and a 2018/19 Rotaract Country Representative of Serbia.
Srdjan Krco
CEO and co-founder - DunavNET
Srdjan Krco , PhD E.E. is a co-founder and CEO of DunavNET, a company designing turnkey IOT solutions for smart cities, agriculture and manufacturing. He has over 20 years of experience, working with large multinational companies and international collaborative research and innovation projects. Currently, he is coordinating a research and innovation H2020 project TagItSmart, creating IoT enablers facilitating improvement and transparency in the food supply chain and more general in the FMCG domain. Srdjan is one of the founding members of the International IoT Forum and is actively participating in IoT-EPI (IoT European Platforms Initiative) and AIOTI (Alliance for IoT Innovation) activities. In 2007, Srdjan won the Innovation Engineer of the Year award in Ireland. He has published over 15 patents and more than 70 papers at international conferences and journals. Srdjan holds Associate Professor position at FEFA (Faculty for Economy and Financial Administration) where he works with students on business aspects of IoT and digital transformation. He is a frequent speaker at international events addressing IoT and its applications. Srdjan is a Senior IEEE member. Recently, he was awarded MVP (most valuable professional) status for IoT activities by Microsoft.
Mlađen Simeunović
Project manager - Telos d.o.o.
Joined Telos in 2014. Before that, I gained a lot of experience working in Isratel on various solutions. In Telos I am responsible for the development of new business opportunities in IOT, VOIP and network field. In free time, when I am not with my family or I do no scuba dive, I like to experiment with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and LoPy development boards.
Emilija Stojmenova Duh
FabLab Network Slovenia Coordinator/Head of
Emilija Stojmenova Duh, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the Faculty of electrical engineering, University of Ljubljana. She is coordinating the national FabLab network in Slovenia, which is a technical prototyping platform for innovation and invention, providing stimulus for local entrepreneurship. Moreover, the FabLab network is also a platform for learning and innovation: a place to play, to create, to learn, to mentor, to invent. Since February 2018, she is Head of Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia, whose main aim is to support the Slovenian industry to fully benefit from digital innovations to upgrade its products and services, improve its processes and adapt its business models to the digital change. During 2014 and 2016, she was head of Demola Slovenia, part of Demola Network, which is recognized as best practice example for innovation policy makers by OECD and World Bank.
Matjaž Martini
Senior Consultant - GS1 Slovenija
They say standards are boring. They say also time changes things. But we actually have to change things ourselves and sometimes provoking thought is a good starter to challenge the status quo. And some people are still hooked to traceability. When started as a trainer in Iskratel Matjaz learned a difference to keep small group of students engaged for a 20 days and bigger audience for 15 minutes. Later gained extensive experience in AIDC and barcode forensics. Lately tipping toes in visibility solutions.
Miha Gruden
Head of IoT Segment - Agitavit Solutions
Miha Gruden has over 15 years of extensive experience in the field of information technology and project management. He works at Agitavit Solutions and as head of segment he leads team of experts in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). Among other things he was the project leader of digitalization of waste management in Komunala Brežice. Miha is responsible for many successful projects on the German market, specializing for implementations of intranets on Microsoft SharePoint to large international companies. Among others he led projects of implementation of intranets on Microsoft SharePoint 2016 to German companies Bayerische Versorgungskammer and Institut für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen.
Andrej Kos
Professor University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Bio (max. 750 chars) Andrej Kos (andrej.kos@fe.uni-lj.si) is a full professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering as well as the Head of the Laboratory for Telecommunications. He received his PhD at the University of Ljubljana from the field of telecommunications in 2003. Andrej Kos is visiting professor at Technical University in Graz, Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications and Jinan University. He has been working in the field of ICT since 1996. He first specialized in modeling and design of fixed and mobile high-speed networks and services and quality of service. Currently, at the center of his work are fixed and mobile broadband systems and services and the applications of Internet of Things (Next Generation Internet). He leads the Commission for Innovations at the University of Ljubljana. He is a vice-chair of oversight committee of Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia (Regulator for Telecommunications, Media, Post, and Railway). Andrej Kos has led more than 30 industrial and research projects. He was team member that set up the Ljubljana University Incubator (LUI), and the team that set up the Technology Network Slovenia (TN ICT) and lately Makerlab Ljubljana. Andrej Kos also serves as a head of IoT within the ICT Horizontal Networt (S4: Smart cities and communities). Currently he and his team are also setting up a national Fablab network in Slovenia.
Alessandro Bassi
Alessandro Bassi graduated in 1994 in Computer Science. In his early career he worked for Amadeus, University of Tennessee, ENS in Lyon and RIPE NCC. In november 2004 he joined Hitachi Europe. Since september 2010 he created his consulting firm, focusing on topics related to IoT, Big data and Security. He was the technical coordinator of the EU lighthouse project on the Internet of Things Architecture (IoT-A). He is the president of IoT Italy, the italian association for IoT.
Luka Mali
Lecturer and Senior Research Asociate - Faculty of Electrical Engineering Ljubljana
Luka Mali, Ph.M., holds the position of a senior research associate and lecturer at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and Laboratory for Telecommunications. His current work focuses on M2M communications, Mobile and Wireless Networks, Low Power Wireless Networks, Connected Devices and IoT applications. He is head of MakerLab, the first open prototyping laboratory (FabLab) at University of Ljubljana. He is co-initiator of The Things Network Slovenia, the national public LoRaWAN sensor network.
Luka Mustafa
Founder and CEO - Institute IRNAS, Fabrikor, LTD
Luka Mustafa is a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow, working full-time on the development of wireless optical communication system KORUZA at Institute IRNAS Rače that he founded in 2014. He is also a founder and CEO of fabrication company Fabrikor, LTD as well as a PhD student at University College London. He leads a multidisciplinary team developing open systems, ranging from CNC machines to electronics and fibre optic systems, promotes and deploys open wireless networks in wlan slovenia project and manages national and international wireless backbones.
Günter Obiltschnig
Managing director - Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH
Günter Obiltschnig is the founder and architect of macchina.io, an open source IoT device software and edge computing framework. As a software engineer with 25 years of industry experience, he prefers to express his thoughts in his favorite programming languages C++ and JavaScript. He enjoys traveling and working on interesting IoT projects around the world. Günter earned his engineer's degree (M.Sc. equivalent) in Computer Science from the University of Linz, Austria, in 1998. Shortly after completing his degree, he co-founded his first company. In 2004 he created the POCO C++ Libraries, which are widely used in the industry, from connected devices to enterprise applications. His current main interests are edge computing and distributed multi-agent systems in IoT.
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