8th Living Bits and Things 2018

"If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!”

Brendan O’Brien,
Chief Innovation Officer and a Co-founder at Aria Systems

We are expecting the 8th edition of the Internet of Things event "Living bits and things 2018” held in Bled. Traditionally the event gives attendees current insights and understanding of the IoT in the central and east Europe (CEE) region and opportunity to share and discuss the challenges with professionals and experts.

This year we are going to closely look at the developments in major hot topics: Blockchain and other digital ledger technologies, NGI - the next generation internet, IIoT - industrial IoT and more.

Due to fast technology progress it is important to be able to keep up the pace not only with the IoT and technology in general, but also
to be able to efficiently manage business, customers, resources and risks. These are the challenges Living bits and things 2018 will address!

How to learn fast, make better decisions and efficiently innovate?

With the Internet of Things and digital transformation organizations only get the enabling elements to implement their business strategy and go beyond the traditional production and cost optimization.

  • it's critical to be able to digitally manage data to develop new business models and become part of new value chains,
  • the next challenge is to develop and introduce the customized products and service with lower cost right on time,
  • it's important to stay in touch with your customers and products throughout the life cycle.

The answer to these challenges is not final and doesn't sound like a perfect plan. The answer is actually a process which directs companies to go open, to join business clusters and proactively participate or even drive the ecosystem.

Join us to learn also about the featured IIoT, Digital Industry and Industry 4.0 prototyping ecosystem FabLab - Fabrication Laboratory. It's an innovative approach for the companies to prototype and learn fast about the particular challenges of their digital transformation. This approach delivers the first-hand experience of digitizing processes, products, and business models.

Hot topics @ the event in 2018

Learn why first movers and tech leaders in different industries have already adopted the IoT, what are the impacts and ROI, how they manage the risks, data security and what has IoT to offer in the next years.

Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation

Either a manufacturing, a product or a service company, in any case IoT is disrupting your business model and your industry. Stay ahead of your competition and go digital.

Understanding the potential and the value of IoT is only the first step you take. Implementing new business models and taking advantage of IoT and a digital company is something completely different.

Learn about IoT and find out more about successful implementation of digital technologies in production, manufacturing, process management, logistics and supply chain management, energy efficiency, cost savings, new business models and generating new income.

How to digitaly innovate: Fast, easy and efficient.

The future of Blockchain and DLT: Case studies

DLT - digital ledger technology has become popular in recent years thanks to the blockchain. But it's only a beginning. Find out about other DLTs and use cases.

Most popular DLT is blockchain and its major applications are crypto-currencies. For industry, other DLTs are available, overcoming blockchain limitations, though many non fintech already exist.

Especially in EU the IOTA, next generation DLT is gaining popularity very fast, especially among companies in many industries. And more DLTs are emerging, like hashgraph, which are may be more suitable for industrial applications.

Why and how to apply DLT in industrial cases?

NGI - The Next Generation Internet

An EU driven programme, NGI is gaining attraction not only in Europe but also globally. It connects our values and expectations with the internet.

The workshop on NGI is going to discover and discuss options and opportunities for companies, researchers and communities to design and implement the internet of the future.

Having companies, institutes, researchers, experts, students, start-ups, non-tech, social science and individuals involved in an open and inclusive process to discuss the future of the internet, is a great opportunity to create.

The future of internet: Beyond technology

Smart cities, communities and sustainable living

Many cities claim to be smart. Yet it's not limited to cities, but stretches to any communities. What makes appropritae solutions is not technology, but how and why it's used.

The session on Smart habitats, relating to cities, villages and communitites is about understanding the challenges of the cities and communitites and about the best practices and real cases.

Session will focus on sustainable solutions and a Crowdsensing concept that engage population of cities, villages and communitites to connect and actvively participate in creating, innovating, developing and running the place they live, work or enjoy their life.

Sustainable smart cities and digital participation

Last year the combined events the 7th IoT event Living bits and things 2017 and 30th Bled eConference were attended by over 250 participants from over 30 countries from all around the world. Living bits and things delivers major contribution and value through:

Living Bits
and Things
Event Brief

  • Relaxed and magic environment of Bled for social and business networking;
  • Delicious and unique local food, drinks, and hospitality;
  • Dynamic, open and focused workshops and interactive sessions;
  • Connecting new business models and monetization with the value delivered to businesses, society, and environment;
  • Critical insights in the Central and South East Europe region challenges which can be effectively addressed by the IoT;

You can view the most interesting highlights and feel the atmosphere of the past events here.


Alexander Sysoev
Head of Telecom Core & Cloud Northern & Central Europe - Ericsson Austria GmbH
Robbert Jan Van Kranenburg
Director - Resonance Design
Miroslav Iwachow
CEE Industrial Sector Technical Leader - IBM
Davor Novak
BU Global Distribution and Cross Selling Programs Director - Schneider Electric
Mark Kalin
Assistant Chief Innovation and Digital Officer - BTC d.d.
Dejan Podgoršek
Manager for Business Development & ISVs, SEE, IBM Slovenia
Jure Lampe
CEO - SenLab
Sanmit Ahuja
Chief Executive - ETI Dynamics Ltd, UK
Janko Pavlović
CEO - Digital worx Serbia
Srdjan Krco
CEO and co-founder - DunavNET
Mlađen Simeunović
Project manager - Telos d.o.o.
Emilija Stojmenova Duh
FabLab Network Slovenia Coordinator/Head of Demola Slovenia
Matjaž Martini
Senior Consultant - GS1 Slovenija
Miha Gruden
Head of IoT Segment - Agitavit Solutions
Andrej Kos
Professor - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Alessandro Bassi
President - IoT Italy
Luka Mali
Lecturer and Senior Research Asociate - Faculty of Electrical Engineering Ljubljana
Luka Mustafa
Founder and CEO - Institute IRNAS, Fabrikor, LTD
Günter Obiltschnig
Founder & Chief Technologist - Applied Informatics GmbH
Bruno Crnički
CEO - IoT Net Adria
Matevž Pustišek
Senior lecturer - Univeristy of Ljubljana
Peter Merc
CoFounder - Lemur Legal
Branimir Rakić
Co-Founder & CTO - OriginTrail
Urška Skrt
Product Group Managae - Elaphe Propulsion Technologies
Alexander Engels
Managing director - Solopex
Codrina Lauth
Fortiss - Research Institute of TU Munich and the Free State of Bavaria
Jurij Dolžan
Ministry of public administration - Information society directorate
Andreja Lampe
Director of projects - Chamber of commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Association for IT and Telecommunications of Slovenia
Klemen Peternel
CEO - Kalmia d.o.o.


Day 1

18th June 2018
Time Session
08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:30
Welcome and opening session
in cooperation between Living bits and things and Bled eConference
Welcome Speech
Andreja Pucihar, Bled eConference organizer
Tomaž Vidonja, Living bits and things organizer

Research and Science Keynote Speech :
  • Transition to a Sustainable Economy – The Critical Role of Digital Transformation
    dr. Janez Potočnik, Co-Chair of UN Environment International Resource Panel, Chairman of The Forum for the Future of Agriculture and RISE Foundation, Member of the European Policy Centre's Advisory Council and Partner in SYSTEMIQ

  • Digital transformation and BMs: what is new?
    dr. Harry Bouwman, Professor, Ĺbo Akademi University, Turku Finland and Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

Industry and Business Keynote Speech:
  • BTC City a Living Lab
    Mark Kalin
    , Assistant Chief Innovation and Digital Officer
    BTC d.d.

10:30 - 11:00
Coffee and Networking Break
11:00 - 12:30
Future Trends in IoT: Applying blockchain in Industry and Smart solutions or use alternative technologies?

This session is about new technologies, ideas and business trends triggered by the Internet of Things. We'd like to show, share and discuss new opportunities and challenges that we could face and experience in the next years. Especially about the blockchain and how it could be used for industrial applications, and not only for the fintech. We will learn also about other competitve technologies and how they help manage data, IDs, processes and build trust and which of the technologies will keep the promise.

Panelists and Presenters:
  • »The value of blockchain for industry beyond fintech«
    Peter Merc
    , Lemur Legal Cofounder, Blockchain Think Tank
  • »Linking Real-World Assets with the Blockchain«
    Klemen Peternel
    , Kalmia d.o.o.
  • »Trusted data exchange for transparent supply chains with OriginTrail«
    Branimir Rakić
    , CTO & Co-Founder, Origintrail
  • »Decentralized blockchain applications for the IoT«
    Matevž Pustišek
    , Senior lecturer, University of Ljubljana


Moderator & Workshop Lead:
  • Tomaž Vidonja, Living Bits and Things Community


12:30 - 14:00
Lunch & Networking Break
14:00 - 15:30
How is Next Generation Internet going to change our lives and business?

This is a wokshop session that addresses the challenges of the next generation internet. NGI is an EU initiative to openly discuss development, influence and impact of the Internet in the future. A wide range of topics are being in the focus, from Privacy and Trust, Decentralised Data Governance, Discovery and ID technologies to Blockchain, Responsible AI, Hyper-connected and Inclusive Society and many others.

Panelists and Presenters:

Moderator & Workshop Lead:
15:30 - 16:00
Coffee and Networking Break
16:00 - 17:30
Connectivity for connected things and people: Open, free or …?
Once you have sensors, things and devices placed all around, it is mandatory to send these data either to another device or to a cloud and manage the data. The IoT connectivity is not exactly the same as Internet connectivity. Why? As the demand and requirements are different, there are also ways of communication different. The Session is about dedicated IoT networks approaches like NB-IoT, LoRa, LPWAN and the Things Network. Are we able to connect all devices globally and why we would do this anyway?

Panelists and Presenters:

  • »IoT platform for digital Slovenia: open and public«,
    Jurij Dolžan, Digital Slovenia, Ministry of Public Administration, Information society directorate

  • » New growth opportunity for telcos with NB-IoT and Cat-M1««,
    Alexander Sysoev, , Ericsson Austria

  • »LPWAN technology and Sigfox network deployment in Croatia«,
    Bruno Crnički , IoT Net Adria
  • »The Things Network Slovenia + LoRaWAN for nature conservation«,
    Luka Mustafa,
    UCL, IRNAS and TTN
  • »Our first year with LoRa/LoRaWAN technology«,
    Mlađen Simeunović
    , Telos d.o.o.

Moderator & Workshop Lead:

  • Luka Mali, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Local/Regional The Things Network Community
19:00 - 22:00
Dinner - Evening Networking and Socializing Event
Dinner and reception at "Gostilna pri Jožovcu"
Bus departure from Rikli Balance Hotel at 19:00 and 19:30!

Day 2

19th June 2018
Time Session
08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:30
IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things

With people in mind, how do we create digital workspace and implement the digital transformation with higher efficiency, customer satisfaction, social responsability and sustainable development on the long run?

Keynote Speech
  • »The Future of IoT: Driving the savings and profits in Industry«,
    Miroslav Iwachow
    , CEE Industrial Sector Technical Leader, IBM

  • »EcoStructure: Innovation at every level«,
    Davor Novak,
    BU global distribution and cross selling programs director, Schneider Electric

  • »The challenges of IoT and digital smart products/services for SMEs«,
    Codrina Lauth, Fortiss GmbH, An-Institute Technische Universitat Munchen


10:30 - 11:00
Coffee and Networking Break
16:00 - 17:30
Implementing the Digital Transformation with IoT: Lean as a Service?

Today most of the companies are transforming the way they manage operations, processes and production. The IIoT and digital transformation just only start at this point. During the Session best practices and case studies will show why and how companies can take advantage of the digital technolgies to achieve higher efficiency, optimize processes, improve customer experience and drive innovation. At the same time major challenges will be addressed, particularly related to the fast prototyping, efficient implementation, the cost of technology and total cost of ownership, scurity and identification, data protection and management, managing the HR and improving the process management.

Panelists and Presenters:

  • »FabLabs: The Fabrication Laboratories – faster and easier in digital world«
    Emilija Stojmenova, Head of FabLabs, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • »Title«
    Robert Krajnc, senior cunsultant, Rešitve Lean d.o.o.,
  • »Production Intelligence as the Driver of Digital Transformation«,
    Alexander Engles,
    CEO, Solopex


12:30 - 14:00
Lunch & Networking Break
11:00 - 12:30
Industrial IoT: Best practices and lessons learned

There is no »one size fits all« solutions when companies and organizations digitize their businesses. It's important to understand reasons, rationale and impacts of many different cases of digital solutions implemented to be able to easier, faster and more efficiently make your own steps. With this session you will have opportunity to better undesrtand differenet ways and elements of digital transformation. There will also strested the importance of human resources, planning, investments, culture and innovation as a general approach in different industrial segments from energy efficiency, logistics and supply chain managment to business intelligence, TCO and customer managment.

Panelists and Presenters:

  • »The insight in your data: Unleashing the value with business and artificial intelligence hand in hand«,
    Dejan Podgoršek,
    Software Channel Technical Leader, CEE at IBM Slovenija

  • »Leveraging real-time data of advanced multiple motor in-wheel platrform using IBM Bluemix cloud solution«,
    Urška Skrt,
    Elaphe Propulsion Technologies
  • »Moving things on time, efficiently and with confidence: e-CRM and blockchain in transport, logistics and supply chain managament«,
    Igor Potočnik,
    CEO, Infotrans d.o.o.

  • »Little Red Riding Hood and visibility in supply chain«,
    Matjaž Martini,
    Senior Consultant, GS1 Slovenija


15:30 - 16:00
Coffee and Networking Break
14:00 - 15:30
Smart habitats: Crowdsensing for Smart cities and smart communities

This Session is dedicated to a broad aspect of Smart cities and communities, Smart buidlings and home, efficient and sustainable mobility, social inclusion, healthy living and wellbeing, efficient waste, water and resource management. Not all and every technology is going to be benefitial for people in cities, villages and communities, but many used and applied properly will help to deliver value and improve quality of life. Learn about the opportunities and challenges through some best practices and case studies presented. There is a also a growing intiative of crowdsensing that takes advantage of actively engaging those who live, work, create, build and run cities and communities. Be proactive and participate in the final discussion.

Panelists and Presenters:

  • »From the green city of Europe to the ebst city to live in the world«
    Željko Gudžulić
    , Head of Smart city Ljubljana
  • »Smart Waste Management for Smart city & community«,
    Miha Gruden,
    Agitavit Solutions
  • »Crowdsensing: A Crowd Innovation for Smart cities and communities«
    Jure Lampe
    , CEO, Senlab & Crowdsensing platform

  • »Smart habitats: potential for sustainable technologies in developing India«
    Sanmi Ahuja, ETI Dynamics Ltd.
  • »Title«
    Andreja Lampe, Chamber of commerce and industry Slovenia

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