Alexander Sysoev
Head of Telecom Core & Cloud Northern & Central Europe - Ericsson Austria GmbH
Alexander Sysoev has 10+ years of rich international experience in the area of IT and telecommunications. He works at Ericsson and as a head of the unit leads the team of presales and delivery experts for core and cloud field. Alexander has been personally involved in many different projects as a business advisor, team leader and solution owner supporting telecom operators in their digital transformation journey.
Jim Kosem
Designer and Consultant - MyLens
Jim is a digital service and product designer with almost 20 years of experience and has been researching, designing, prototyping and iterating on products and services for everyone from Intel and Samsung to the British Government Digital Services. Through advising a p2p identity management startup, he has become involved with Web3 design community and heavily interested in decentralisation and making the web what it was originally intended to be, a tool to empower and liberate.
Urška Starc-Peceny
Chief Innovation Officer, Lead Tourism 4.0 Department - Actur Ltd
Urska Starc Peceny is leading the Tourism 4.0 department and R&D group at Arctur, the initiator of Tourism 4.0. She is an expert in collaboration design and lecturer with 20+ years of experience in co-creation of smart city ecosystems focusing on the dynamics between human, technology and society.
Janko Pavlović
CEO - Digital worx Serbia
Entrepreneur, engineer and inventor. Janko was born 1991st in Republic of Serbia. He was studing bachelor studies at the faculty of Electrical engineering (power engineering) in Belgrade, and graduated with an invention. It was a smart stove, saving aroung 50% of energy during the boilling process. Afterwards he was enrolled in master studies at the same faculty with the major ''Smart city'' which he succesfully finished with a new inovation so-called ''E-Lungs''. ''E-Lungs'' is a completely new type of hybrid vehicle. It's an electrical hybrid without batteries, first time in the hystory. Both inventions were succesfully competing and presenting on many world conferences and competitions. Right now Janko is an entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Serbian start-up ''digital worx''. Digital worx is focused on indistrial IoT and industry 4.0 at the global market, esspacially in domain of mobile and web Apps. Next to it, he initiated The Things Network community in Belgrade, as a part of non-profit global organisation oriented toward LoRaWAN technology and it's application in smart city domain.
Günter Obiltschnig
Founder & Chief Technologist - Applied Informatics GmbH
Günter Obiltschnig is an IoT Technologist and the founder of macchina.io, an IoT device software and edge computing framework. He is a software engineer with more than 25 years of industry experience, with the last 12 years of it in IoT and connected devices. Günter earned his engineer's degree (M.Sc. equivalent) in Computer Science from the University of Linz, Austria, in 1998. He co-founded his first company shortly after completing his degree. In 2004 he started the POCO C++ Libraries open source project, which has found widespread use in the industry. In 2013, Günter started the macchina.io open source project. Günter earned his engineer's degree (M.Sc. equivalent) in Computer Science from the University of Linz, Austria, in 1998. Shortly after completing his degree, he co-founded his first company. In 2004 he created the POCO C++ Libraries, which are widely used in the industry, from connected devices to enterprise applications. His current main interests are edge computing and distributed multi-agent systems in IoT.
Matjaž Savnik
Account Manager - Ericsson d.o.o.
Matjaž Savnik studied electrical egineering at University of Ljubljana ad finished his BSc in 1989. He got his masters degree at Faculty of Economics in 1998. He has experience from various ICT domains, software and hardware, from technical, sales and organisational perspectives. Currently he works as an accounf manager at Ericsson Slovenia.
Saša Kojić
Director, Global Product Portfolio Management - Danfoss
Sasa Kojic is a Mechanical Engineer who works in Danfoss and has in total around 20 years of experience in Heating Industry. During his career he held various positions in product management, market development and project office innovation management. Sasa is a member of Engineering Chamber of Slovenia, has written several articles about control performance and strategies in the Heating application. He has been mentor to many young professionals and talents and was appointed as a coach in Danfoss internal business case competition in entrepreneurship. Currently he holds position as a Director, being responsible for Global Product Portfolio in Danfoss District Energy. His passion is Open innovation collaboration and District Energy 4.0.
Lana Balić Matijašević
CEO - Careesma.co
Lana is the CEO of Careesma.co, an IBM business partner. She specialized in solving bottlenecks in business administration process trough analytics and augmented intelligence which enhance and scale human expertise using virtual assistant chatbots. Lana graduated from Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZŠEM) and currently attends MBA. At ZŠEM she was the head of the Career Centre, where she developed a process with 92% of student employment success. She gained additional experience in HEC Paris and John Carroll University (JCU), Cleveland, USA. When she was 26, she started working at a famous VW retailer in Croatia, where she spent several years and developed a software for human resource involved with with 800+ employees. She specialized in finding ROI (return on investment) of people performance from financial and human resource data analytics. Since 2012 she has successfully introduced technological transformation and operational processes in several Croatian and cooperated with several international companies in tourism, ecommerce and fintech industries. She gained local and international experience with global companies like InfosecGlobal, working with leading cyber security specialists. Lana continued to carry out her five-year transformation plan that calls for the market average of consumers movement increased toward chatbots by 25% yearly.
Jeffrey Katz
Founder - JK Ventures & Consulting UG
From early on Jeff has always been interested in electronics and computers. When he "grew up", Jeff became a serial entrepreneur, founding companies in a wide variety of industries, including security, finance, and IT. With his background in engineering, computer science, and business, Jeff is at once a forward-thinking technologist and a practical engineer.
Aljoša Hecl
Business Development Manager - Iskra d.o.o.
Dynamic Business Development Manager with strong FMCG background, applying his commercial and marketing experience in conquering new territories, industries and sales channels. He gets inspired by hunting the upcoming technological business opportunities to address them with strong Iskra’s R&D capabilities at the first mover price premium.
Andrej Volčjak
PQMS Product Manager - Iskra d.o.o.
Experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. Strong quality assurance professional skilled in Embedded Software, C++, Agile Methodologies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Software Design.
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