Robbert Jan Van Kranenburg
Director - Resonance Design
Rob van Kranenburg (1964) is involved in innovation and negociability strategies of Internet of Things. He has worked at the University of Ghent with Professor Ronald Soetaert, the University of Amsterdam with Professor Elsaesser, de Balie with Andrée van Es, Doors of Perception with John Thackara, and has taught various courses at graduate and postgraduate level and Art and Design Academies. He founded Council, a thinktank for the Internet of Things, to bring this latter perspective into the heart of the debates.He is a co-founder of bricolabs (bricolabs.net) and wrote The Internet of Things, a critique of ambient technology and the all seeing network of RFID, Network Notebooks, Instititute for Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2008, andTowards Designerly Agency in a Ubicomp World, In: Tales of the Disappearing Computer, Kameas A., Streitz, N. (eds), CTI Press, 2003, pp. 119-127. http://www.theinternetofthings.eu
Marjana Majerič
Director - Central Slovene Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Marjana Majeric, M.Sc. is a business strategy, business planning and financial management specialist. She shares her over 25 years of extensive business experience as a director, mentor and advisor with the powerful member community in the Central Slovene Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CSR CCIS). Prior to coming on board with the CSR CCIS, she was part of PwC consultancy circle responsible for public sector, Slovene innovation ecosystem (Initiative Startup Slovenia), deputy general director in Technology Park of Ljubljana and EBRD international mentor for its business community. She is a Slovenian pioneer in various areas of corporate financing and has served as a Manager of Investment in Venture Capital Fund Horizonte Venture Management; and as a Deputy Director of the Smart Start incubator, the first Slovene private incubator. She was a Director of the loan department for SME's in Volksbank. She is an honorary member of the program council of the Ljubljana University Incubator; one of the founders of the First Slovene Business Angels Club, former member of the editorial committee for monthly magazine SLEVCA (Slovene Venture Capital Association), from EU side - TAIEX certified expert, member of different committees for evaluation and approval of projects/companies in financing, rewording, etc. She is a National Coach for Climate - Knowledge and Innovation Communities, financed by European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Being an independent entrepreneur and consultant for various foreign and domestic companies, she was a consultant to the Slovene enterprise fund for the preparation of the first tender – open call for private-public partnership – capital investments of the Republic of Slovenia in private venture capital funds, and actively participated in drafting the first Law on Venture Capital Companies. For her extraordinary achievements she has been awarded with the U.S. government honorary award ‘Woman and Entrepreneurship’.
Mirko Ross
CEO - Asvin
Mirko Ross is an activist, expert, speaker, publicist and researcher in the field of Cyber Security, Blockchain and the Internet of Things. Mirko is a member of the Expert Group on Internet Security of Things of the European Cyber Security Agency ENISA. In 2018 he founded asvin.io to increase Security in the Internet of Things.
Emilija Stojmenova Duh
Assistant professor - University of Ljubljana
Emilija Stojmenova Duh, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the Faculty of electrical engineering, University of Ljubljana. She is also Head of Public, Private, People Partnership Digital Innovation Hub – 4PDIH. She is coordinating several national and European research and development projects on digitalization for innovation and rural development. She collaborates with the European Commission within two thematic groups on rural development and digital innovation hubs. In 2018 she was one of the 50 women from all over the world to take part in ‘Hidden No More’, one of the US State Department’s international visitor leadership exchange programmes, aimed at evening out the gender gap in STEAM. She is Member of the Management Board of the Slovenian Research Agency, Member of the Expert Council of the Employment Service of Slovenia and Member of the Council for Development in Agriculture, Forestry and Food at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.
Francisco Maroto
CEO - Oies Consulting
Francisco Maroto (aka Paco) is CEO and founder at OIES Consulting. Francisco has more than three decades of international experience in the IT and Telco industries. Prior to launch OIES, he worked in different management roles in companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Amdocs, SAP, HP, Vodafone, Indra or Matra Aerospace. Globally recognized as one of the top IoT advisor and leading voices on the state of Internet of Things. Entrepreneur, visionary, usual speaker in IoT international events, respected blogger and IoT influencer.
Mantalena Kaili
Exec Director - European Law Observatory on New Technologies-ELONTech
Policy Advisor, with LLM in International Commercial Law & Maritime Law, City law School, London. Founder of the non-profit company MADE GROUP for social Innovation projects,communication strategy and creative partnerships. Co-Founder of the European Law Observatory on New Technologies-ELONTech.
Piotr Beling
Director of Industry 4.0 – Digital Solutions - SpyroSoft
Piotr holds a MSc. in Electronics at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. He started his professional career as a .NET developer, then focused on business analysis and finally on project management. Piotr has a strong track record in delivering enterprise and consumer IoT solutions during the previous 5 years. As an engineer, interested in topics in the field of Industry 4.0 and IoT. As a manager, he always focuses on strong interpersonal relationships, cooperation and building trust. His goal is to fully understand clients’ needs and give engineers the confidence and tools to build best products. Currently responsible for Industry 4.0 – Digital Solutions business unit at SpyroSoft S.A.
Polona Jerina
Secretary - Ministry of public administration
I am Master of Science in economics and graduated jurist and I like dynamic, active and diverse field of work. I speak actively English, German and Croat-Serb language. My way has led me through the experience with the first Presidency to the Council of EU, EXPO 2020 Shanghai, excellence model EFQM and to the current position where I am responsible for the field of information society, more specifically for future development. I wish to further upgrade my skills, knowledge and experience and combine them with coming challenges. I prefer working in creative and enthusiastic teams.
Steven Pannell
Cheif Digital Offier - IBO GmbH
Steven Pannell, CDO. With over 25 years of IT experience Steven has worked at several successful start-ups as well as one of Europe’s largest e-commence retailers. Steven has experience in Enterprise IT Systems, IT consultancy, launching new products and information architecture in areas including e-commerce, big data, ML and mobile applications. Today he is the CDO of IBO GmbH leading the company’s digital transformation and business diversification for industrial digital solutions.
Tina Kraigher Mišič
Chief Legal Officer - Info hiša d.o.o.
Tina is the Chief Legal Officer at Info house Ltd. She is the Data protection officer (DPO) and consultant for several large companies from different sectors and markets. She is a co-author of the Scientific commentary on the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) and a former Advisor to the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia. She was involved in several Twinning projects and a TAIEX expert. In recent years, she is dedicated to implementing UX design in legal affairs and texts.
Saša Kojić
Director, Global Product Portfolio Management - Danfoss
Sasa Kojic is a Mechanical Engineer who works in Danfoss and has in total around 20 years of experience in Heating Industry. During his career he held various positions in product management, market development and project office innovation management. Sasa is a member of Engineering Chamber of Slovenia, has written several articles about control performance and strategies in the Heating application. He has been mentor to many young professionals and talents and was appointed as a coach in Danfoss internal business case competition in entrepreneurship. Currently he holds position as a Director, being responsible for Global Product Portfolio in Danfoss District Energy. His passion is Open innovation collaboration and District Energy 4.0. He has been mentor to many young professionals and talents and was appointed as a coach in Danfoss internal business case competition in entrepreneurship. Currently he holds position as a Director, being responsible for Global Product Portfolio in Danfoss District Energy. His passion is Open innovation collaboration and District Energy 4.0.
Livija Selčan
Sales manager - TIS Inženiring za telematiko in software d.o.o.
Livija SELČAN has been employed by company TIS Maribor for more than twenty years, last fifteen years as a Sales Manager. Prior to that, she worked at the Computer Center of TAM Maribor for almost 10 years, where she was involved in the development and maintenance of the information system of this at that time large manufacturing company. In company TIS she focused primarily on the field of electronic file transfer, e-commerce between organizations (B2B), with tools and solutions for the use of EDI and XML technology, and integration of business processes and change management solutions in business organizations. For the last couple of years, she has also been focusing on solutions for capturing digitized handwritten signatures and using "bots" in task intensive processes.
Jim Morrish
Founding Partner - Transforma Insights
Jim is a respected Digital Transformation and Internet of Things industry expert, with over 20 years’ experience of strategy consulting, operations management and telecoms research. Previously he was a Founder and the Chief Research Officer of Machina Research, the world's leading IoT analyst firm, which was acquired by Gartner in 2016. Jim is responsible for the addition of the term Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networking to the lexicon of the IoT, and is a co-author of the Ignite|IoT project management framework for IoT and the accompanying book entitled “Enterprise IoT”. Jim is a member of the advisory boards for a number of digital transformation conferences and is a Member of the Global Advisory Board of the IET’s Future Technology Panel.
Jure Lampe
CEO - SenLab
Jure Lampe is an IoT / eHealth / Industry 4.0 expert, the founder and CEO of SenLab. Jure has been responsible for the development of new business opportunities and he has founded many IT companies since 1992. He has been involved in different projects as an IT developer, project and team leader, partner and consultant. He lead a team which won “Best IoT smartphone solution on Mobile World Congress Barcelona (www.iotool.io)”, “Best smart home solution”, “Bluetooth.org application of the month” and other international awards in last few years. This solution is a part of several EU funded Digital Health and IoT projects.
Thomas Fickert
Founder & CEO/DEXPERIO, Chapter President VR/AR Association Munich
Jure is an IoT / eHealth / Industry 4.0 expert, the founder and CEO of SenLab. Jure has been responsible for the development of new business opportunities and he has founded many IT companies since 1992. He has been involved in different projects as an IT developer, project and team leader, partner and consultant. He lead a team which won “Best IoT smartphone solution on Mobile World Congress Barcelona (www.iotool.io)”, “Best smart home solution”, “Bluetooth.org application of the month” and other international awards in last few years. This solution is a part of several EU funded Digital Health and IoT projects.
Urban Sedlar
Assistant professor - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Urban Sedlar, Ph.D., is assistant professor and senior researcher at the Laboratory for Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. His recent work focuses the area of cyber security threat assessment using large scale honeypots. He has also been involved in several EC and national research and development projects on the topics of emergency response systems, cloud computing and Internet of Things.
Robi Pritržnik
CEO & Founder - Foreach Labs d.o.o.
Robi holds a BSc in Computer Science and Information Technology, he is the Founder & CEO at Foreach Labs, a young creative digital AR agency. He built his career and entrepreneurial skills in numerous IT organizations, most recently he was the CTO at BTC Phoenix, where he was responsible for development of complex eCommerce solutions and integration of new technologies. His greatest passion has always been researching and developing ways to utilize advanced technologies such as AR/VR/MR, which in his opinion are the future of interacting with things around us and also provide a rich user experience. His motto in life is simple: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
Štefan Idzig
Strategic consultant & IT architect - IBM Slovenija
Mr. Idzig is a Strategy Consultant and IT Architect in the IBM Systems Group. His 15 years of expert knowledge of the strategic IT infrastructure design and implementation are backed up by expertise in managing complex and sensitive projects accomplished by service and support delivery. His present focus is advising on Artificial intelligent solutions for varieties of industries to help enterprises leverage data and analytics to power its business and operational models.
Darko Toplak
CDO – Chief Digital Officer - V tisk d.o.o. Maribor
28 years in software development company as software consulter and project/product manager (InIn d.o.o. Murska Sobota). Successfully implemented and finished more than 400 MSP projects. Involved as consulter and leading of implementation in large project for Oil Business companies like MOL, OMV (with Actual IT d.d. Koper). Successfully finish more like 20 projects for software implementation in MIS production companies. Many year’s intensive involved in digital transformation process in different manufacture companies. Last 2 years leading the digitalization process in digital large print company V tisk d.o.o. Maribor
Klemen Peternel
CEO - Kalmia d.o.o.
Klemen earned his PhD at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana where he worked as a research assistant. He is passionate about delivering great digital products. From 2010 he co-founded multiple tech startups. One of them was acquired by Iskratel - the leading European vendor and provider of infocommunications solutions. Today he is a co-founder and CEO of software development studio Kalmia LTD. Kalmia provides technical consulting and software development services in the fields of telecommunications, business process automation and blockchain.
Aleš Brumen
Sales consultant - TIS Inženiring za telematiko in software d.o.o.
For the last 20 years Ales Brumen has been employed by TIS d.o.o. First as a technical consultant and for the last 12 years as a sales consultant. Over the years, he met with many different companies that do their jobs in different ways. Through the practice of his work he realized the differences and similarities of industries and companies operating both in international and domestic market. With his work and experience, he brings company client’s modern digital transformation (DTM) solutions that enable them to be more competitive in the market. During his sales consultant career he dealt mostly with solutions that facilitate the work of people and operations, while reducing paper consumption. Such solutions include video identification, capture of electronic customer signatures and the introduction of software robots (“bots”) into business processes.
Borut Zrim
Project Manager & Head of External Relations - Pomurski tehnološki park / Pomurje Technology Park
Borut Zrim – consulting expert in sales & marketing, project manager in multiple transnational projects with focus on digitization of manufacturing companies and food processing. Previous experiences include 5 years of selling tangibles (Mura-Men’s Garment) and 3 years in sales of intangibles (Sava Resorts-Spa/Wellness/Accommodation), and finally 17 years as consultant at Pomurje Technology Park, working daily with SME's, start-up's and scale-up's. Dedication to assist companies in getting better by his experiences, knowledge, network and communication skills (certified trainings in sales, negotiations, speaking 3 foreign languages) make him trustworthy to work with.
Simon Simčič
IT Solution Architect - SRC
Simon Simčič, in the role of the IT architect at SRC, is responsible to ensure that sensitive data is kept confidential. That encompasses not only the right software and hardware being in place within the company and at the customers, but foremost planning the security solutions in aim to guarantee the safety of valuable information. In short, his job requires to take measures to prevent the security threats from being carried out, subject he is vocal about as a regular speaker at the IT conferences and technical events.
Alenka Žužek Nemec
Secretary - MPA – Ministry of Public Administration
Dr Alenka Zuzek Nemec (F) obtained her BSc, PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and her MSc in Computer Science at the Faculty for Computer and Information Science at the same University. Her first post was at the research institute “Jožef Stefan”. Since 2000 she has been with the Government of Slovenia, first within the Government Centre for IT, where she worked on establishing the Government Certification Authority and since 2004 within the Ministry of Public Administration. She is responsible for the coordination of numerous international and national activities and projects in the field of e-Government. She is the national representative in different groups at the Commission, for example eIDAS expert groups, eGovernment Action Plan Steering Board, ISA2 Coordination group and others.
Tomaž Bukovnik
VP Product and Business Development - RoboticsX GmbH
Tomaž Bukovnik MBA, is business and product development specialist with 17 year of experience building digital and physical products in customer driven industries. He held various business operations positions (COO) when building and managing operations in USA. As President Associate at Caesars Entertainment USA, I worked on building Innovative products and services. Last couple of years were focused on building self-service devices with different product and service applications for various B2C and B2B companies.
Tanja Pavleska
Researcher - Jožef Stefan Institute
TANJA PAVLESKA graduated from the Faculty for electrical engineering in Skopje, Macedonia, at the Institute for Automation and System Engineering. She obtained her PhD from the JSI Postgraduate School in Computational trust and reputation systems. Her main interests are: identity, security, trust and reputation management, cybernetics and complexity, user behaviour modelling, digital policies and regulatory frameworks, and critical infrastructure security. She was involved in the EU project e-SENS, where she led the Cybersecurity and Trust Work-stream. She leads the policies and regulatory frameworks work in the COMPACT project and is responsible for the architecture evaluation in the DE4A project. Tanja is the chair of the Slovenian Internet society chapter and a co-chair of the IEEE P2933 standardization initiative on Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety and Security in Clinical IoT.
Sandi Gec
Teaching assistant - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science
Sandi Gec, MSc, is a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana. His research interests include semantic technologies in the field of Cloud computing, knowledge bases and integration of Cloud enterprise services. Furthermore, he applied his research achievements in recent H2020 EU projects (SWITCH and ENTICE) and ongoing H2020 EU-Korea project DECENTER. Currently, He is a PhD student where his research area is primarily blockchain technology with focus on on-chain Smart Contracts applied on Cloud computing environments and Smart Oracle based technologies able to interact with off-chain environment.
Michele Lavizzari
Chief international development officer - InfoCert S.p.A., Italy
Michele is a chief international development officer at InfoCert, the leading European digital trust service provider, helping organizations digitize every business process with simple, efficient, and state-of-play management solutions. They provide an end-to-end digital identity and eSignature solution, fostering re-usability, user convenience, compliance, and security to enable trusted digital business. In the company, Michele is in charge of InfoCert's business expansion across EU and LATAM Markets. On top of his technical and commercial background, he has strong financial and managerial skills, which he developed in the years working in an international, multicultural environment.
Matjaž Logar
CEO - ICT Technology Network Istitute
A high energy,pragmatic and results driven senior manager with a successful background in financially restructuring of service providing company, during recession period. Experienced in working both public and private sector, small and large organisation. Possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiational skills and the ability to develop and maintain mutually benficial internal and external relationships. With his entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for new business development is successful in managing, motivating and training his co-workers into a successful and productive team. He is excellent in highly pressurised and challenging positions including international multi language and multi-cultural working environments.
Vincent Bultot
Blockchain Client Solutions Manager & DataMatch Advisor - SettleMint and Databroker
Vincent’s career spans over 20 years in Telecom & ICT. He provides consultancy services in multiple professional domains (presales, solutions architecture, product development and innovation) with expertise in Digital Communications, Wired and Wireless Communication Systems and Security, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. Vincent obtained his Master Degree in Industrial Engineering from Léonard de Vinci school in Brussels, Belgium.
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