Bits and things are comming back soon!

The same location but new topics, new speakers and new experiences.

18-19 June, Bled.

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Bits and things 2017 - a total success!

We managed to gather some moments of last year's event and we are very pleased to share this with you. Thank you very much for participating.

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What is Living bits and things?


It is a challenge to have an overview, clear understanding and sharp perception of challenges these digital opportunities bring. With help of experts, speakers and participants who make the Internet of Things community alive you will learn the way to find answers to your questions and create your own succesful story together with them.

Traditionally Living bits and things is collocated with the Bled eConference, which celebrates the 30th anniversary this year.




Day 1

18th June 2018
Time Session
00:00 - 00:00
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